Webinar:  Custom GPTs for academic writing

Webinar:  Custom GPTs for academic writing

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Since 6th November 2023, when OpenAI released their new feature “Custom GPTs” as an update to the paid version of ChatGPT, the demand for ChatGPT Plus has increased so dramatically that they had to stop selling their best product completely for over a month due to supply problems. The demand was and is justified: By creating your own GPTs with your own data, the usefulness of ChatGPT has increased significantly. It is truly “next level” and a glimpse into the not too distant future.

In this webinar, I will demonstrate how to use custom GPTs for academic writing, and how to create such a GPT yourself. When AI assists or takes over many of the steps involved in writing a scientific paper, the main question for teaching remains: What skills do we want to teach and assess?

Date: 11th January, online. The zoom link will be shared with you before the workshop.

Time: 12h-13h

Presenter: Bernhard Lange, head of the Teaching Center at the University of Lucerne.

Iris Capdevila

General secretary of SFDN | Pedagogical advisor at the Teaching Support Center (CAPE), EPFL.

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