Ariane Dumont,  Western University of Applied Sciences, Yverdon

The president is responsible for representing SFDN and has overall responsibility for the content of publicly and internally accessible (within the association) materials.  Ariane Dumont represents SFDN as an ICED Council Member.

Roland Tormey, EPFL Lausanne

The vice-president is responsible for the website. Additionally he supports the president and represents him in his absence.

Contact either the president or vice-president for:

  • specific inquiries
  • membership requests
  • as contact people for the swissuniversities, eduhub or other bodies
  • if you want SFDN to participate in an event or conference
  • if you want to know SFDN’s involvement in educational matters (e.g. Bologna)
  • if you are interested in giving a workshop for SFDN
  • as contacts for ICED

Rachel Plews, Haute école pédagogique, Vaud (Lausanne)

The general secretary is responsible for organisation, administration and internal communication. Contact him/her:

  • to propose items for the general assembly agenda
  • if you would like SFDN to distribute information on your behalf

He/she will contact you to:

  • distribute information on upcoming events
  • ask for information on membership updates
  • share information relevant to all members

Robert Kordts-Freudinger (USG)

Treasurer is responsible for all monetary matters. Contact him:

  • for information about financial matters
  • for approving potential expenses > CHF 50.00
  • for questions about membership
  • for auditing

He will contact you to:

  • collects membership fees
  • reimburse expenses

Bernhard Lange, Luzern Universität

The ordinary board member is responsible for assisting with general tasks associated with the activities of the board.