Scientific collaborator and project coordinator (80-100%)

Scientific collaborator and project coordinator (80-100%)

Your mission :

EPFL is co-leading a new Swiss consortium of seven universities working on evidence-based uses of learning technologies to cope with variability of learning in elementary schools. The Center LEARN operates the consortium at EPFL.

We look for a postdoctoral researcher to co-manage the consortium which is set up for the next four years. The position is composed of management responsibilities as well as scientific work.

Main duties and responsibilities include :
Coordination of the consortium :

  • Management of internal and external calls for projects and the corresponding selection process
  • Monitoring of progress of projects across the consortium
  • Coordination of reporting (scientific and administrative)
  • Organisation of events and meetings of different comittees

Participation to research projects of EPFL in the consortium :

  • Contribution to the design and conduct of interventions as well as the corresponding empirical studies
  • Contribution to data analysis and reporting of results
  • Scientific support of other project collaborators

More information here:

Iris Capdevila

General secretary of SFDN | Pedagogical advisor at the Teaching Support Center (CAPE), EPFL.

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