Host and organize EuroSoTL25

Host and organize EuroSoTL25

Information on what our colleagues from SoTL in Europe have to share!

We (Chris and Irma) just wanted to give a quick update regarding ongoing discussions about SoTL in Europe. As some of you may know, we had a well attended and enthusiastic session at ISSOTL23 discussing possibilities and opportunities for networking and building a SoTL community dedicated to the European context.
Since ISSOTL23, we have convened a ‘temporary EuroSoTL board’ to discuss ways of actioning the ideas mentioned at the conference. In addition to us (representing ISSOTL as VPs Europe), this board consists of Katarina Martensson (Lund University), Anna Wach (Poznan University), Anna Santucci Leoni (University College Cork), Deniz Haydar (University of Groningen), and Melanie Hamilton as an adviser and former president of SoTL Canada. We are planning to organise a virtual event and continue working to formalise a EuroSoTL Network (working title) in the coming months. 

One of the aims is to hold a EuroSoTL conference in June 2025. We are now open for expressions of interest from those of you who would be willing to host and organize EuroSoTL25.

If you are interested and have confirmed support from your institution to host EuroSOTL25, please send an email to Irma ( or Chris (

We will then send you guidelines to write a short proposal, which has a deadline of June 1st. The temporary board will then, based on the incoming proposals, decide for the location, ultimately by the end of June. The organizer(s) of ISSOTL25 are welcome (but not obligated) to join the temporary EuroSoTL board.
Furthermore, to support the temporary board, we have two requests:
1. We are eager to have a student based in Europe to join the board and invite students to contact us directly or if you know of a potential student, please let us know.
2. We’d like to set up a simple website (e.g., wordpress/google site) and invite anyone who might be interested in helping us set this up to contact us.
We are excited about the prospects of a European SoTL network and look forward to sharing more over time!
Chris Ostrowdun and Irma Meijerman (VPs Europe, ISSOTL)
Ps. These initiatives (i.e., EuroSoTL Network and Conference) are currently not formally connected to ISSOTL, but we hope to continue discussing possible connections for the future.

Iris Capdevila

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