Enhancing the transition of humanities students into working life

Enhancing the transition of humanities students into working life

We would like to share our methodological toolkit which was developed during the ASSET-H project, an Erasmus+ project from 2020-2023, with as the key goal to enhance the transition of humanities students into working life. ASSET-H stands for Awareness of Students’ Skills: an Employability Toolkit for the Humanities. KU Leuven was the lead partner, with University of Helsinki, Leiden University and Randstad as project partners.

As the starting point of our project, we conducted research on the skills of humanities master’s level students in three European universities. This allowed us to identify the skills profile of humanities students. The open access and research based methodological toolkit outlines the steps taken to identify the skills profile. This makes it possible for others to replicate the study. In addition, we wanted to give humanities students, graduates and teaching staff practical tools based on our skills research. This resulted in the H-You: Humanities Explorer website and H-Highlight workshop for teaching staff:

  • The H-You website contains a skills test and activities for humanities students and graduates, which can easily be embedded in educational settings. The methodological toolkit for H-You contains information on how to design a personal development tool focused on skills for students.
  • In the H-Highlight workshop teachers identify skills that students acquire in their courses and learn how to integrate information on skills into their course design. The methodological toolkit for H-Highlight gives you the instructions and resources for holding a skills workshop yourself.

More information here: https://www.assethproject.eu/

Iris Capdevila

General secretary of SFDN | Pedagogical advisor at the Teaching Support Center (CAPE), EPFL.

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