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Wanted: ICED Representative to the SAULT Forum

Dear SFDN members,

please find below the call for expressions of interest for an ICED representative to the Southern African Universities Learning & Teaching (SAULT) Forum to replace David Gosling, Visiting Professor Plymouth University, who is retiring shortly.

Call: ICED representative to the SAULT forum

This is a voluntary role.

ICED will cover the costs of travel and accommodation for one person for one meeting per year for the next two years.
Deadline for receipt of expressions of interest is Monday 14th December 2015.

Please send these to the ICED Administrator Roz Grimmitt (
Thanks in advance.
Regards, Helen Guerin

President, International Consortium for Educational Development

Kurztagung Prüfungen auf dem Prüfstand am 14. Januar 2016 in Zürich

Mit einer Keynote von Roland Tormey

Prüfungen und Assessments sinnvoll gestalten und platzieren, damit Studierende so viel und so intensiv wie möglich lernen – das ist nach wie vor eine Herausforderung für Lehrende und Studiengangsleitende. In den Vorträgen und Workshops dieser Kurztagung des ZHE der PH Zürich in Kooperation mit der Hochschuldidaktik der Universität Bern am 14. Januar 2016 geht es um grundsätzliche Überlegungen und konkrete Hinweise für kompetenzorientiertes Prüfen an der Hochschule. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Tagungsseite.

Danke fürs Weiterleiten!

Franziska Zellweger & Lydia Rufer



Call: 6. internationaler Kongress Forum wissenschaftliches Schreiben, 10./11. Juni 2016, Konstanz

Zitat, Referenz, Plagiat und andere Formen der Intertextualität

Die Tagung des Forum wissenschaftliches Schreiben beleuchtet das Problemfeld der Intertextualität im Schreiben in Ausbildung und Beruf unter einem
wissenschaftlichen und einem didaktischen Blickwinkel.

Eingabe der Beitragsvorschläge bis 17. Januar 2016

Details siehe bitte hier: Forum Schreiben Call

Forum Schreiben

One-day Conference on University Exams at UNIGE – 5th Nov

On the 5th November, the second occasion of the “Rendez-vous de l’enseignement” will take place at the University of Geneva. With the title “University Exams Called into Question“, this one-day event will address the topic of assessing students’ learning in the university context as well as innovative practices in this domain.

Taking place in French, this event will consist of two conferences, a BarCamp, several workshops and a debate. The complete programme as well as the registration for the BarCamp and workshops is available here:

Hope to see you there!


SFDN Workshop with Denis Berthiaume: “A Trip to the Land of Metacognition”, December 16 2015

Dear SFDN members,

this is a great opportunity to brush up your knowledge and skills on metacognition.
Former SFDN president Denis Berthiaume will facilitate this workshop at the University of Berne on December 16.

Please find a detailed description here: SFDN Workshop on metacognition

and register here:


Looking forward to seeing you on this occasion,

Your SFDN board

Ariane, Benno, Michel & René


Workshop Programme

9h30                Welcome & Coffee

10h00              Start of workshop

12h00              End of workshop

HERDSA Conference 2016: Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals


The HERDSA 2016 Conference Committee warmly invites you to submit proposals for the annual HERDSA conference to be held in Perth, Western Australia on 4-7 July 2016.


The conference theme is The Shape of Higher Education.  This theme provides an opportunity to not only report and reflect upon and to critique and challenge the current shape and direction of higher education but also to engage your colleagues in creative possibilities about the future.


We invite proposals for presentation as

  • Refereed Paper
  • Pre-Conference Workshop
  • Showcase of Leadership, Practice or Policy
  • Poster
  • Points for Debate


Proposals should relate to the conference theme and address one or more of the sub-themes:

  • Governance and Policy
  • Teaching, Learning and the Student Experience
  • Pathways and Partnerships
  • Innovation and Research
  • Professional Learning for Academic Practice


To submit your abstract go to



Abstracts for full papers and pre-conference workshops due 30th October 2015

Full papers from accepted abstracts due 5th February 2016

Abstracts for all other submissions due 5th February 2016


For further details including more about the sub-themes and keynote speakers, please visit the conference website


For any enquiries, please contact the HERDSA 2016 Conference Secretariat

T:  (08) 9389 1488 | E:


We look forward to seeing you in Perth in 2016.


Allan Goody and Melissa Davis




Job vacancy @ ETH Zurich: Specialist in Faculty Development (80 – 100%)

The ETH Zurich unit Educational Development and Technology (Lehrentwicklung und -technologie – LET), which reports to the ETH Rector, provides support to ETH faculty in their teaching activities. It offers high-quality courses, coaching and guidance for lecturers, and fosters pedagogical innovation and the deployment of digital technology in university teaching.


From January 2016 or by arrangement this unit is seeking a

Specialist in Faculty Development (80 – 100%)


The successful candidate will work within the Curriculum and Faculty Development group. On the basis of his/her comprehensive (preferably university-level) teaching experience he or she will conduct continuing education events, workshops and classroom observations independently and as part of the team. Together with the team he or she will develop new course programmes and modules for the unit’s continuing education activities, and help to set up a database of pedagogical materials and instruments for ETH Zurich faculty.


The successful candidate holds a Master’s degree or doctorate and (ideally) a teaching qualification. His/her active engagement with issues of university teaching is founded upon personal teaching experience. He or she is familiar with fundamental university teaching concepts and current themes. His/her conceptual skills and methodological range will contribute to the shaping of the Curriculum and Faculty Development group. The successful candidate is poised and a good communicator, can express him- or herself well in both German and English, and is able to network rapidly with important contacts within and outside of ETH Zurich.


For further information please contact:
Dr. Benno Volk, Head of Curriculum and Faculty Development.
Phone: +41 44 632 87 36.


Applications with cover letter, cv, diplomas and work certificates should be sent online by 11 September 2015 via:


The latest issue of IJAD is now online

The latest issue of ICED’s International Journal for Academic Development is now available online:

Happy reading!



Volume 20      Number 3      September 2015




Precarious but connected: the roles and identities of academic developers

Kathryn A. Sutherland



Blogging as community of practice: lessons for academic development?

Cally Guerin, Susan Carter and Claire Aitchison


Widening our evaluative lenses of formal, facilitated, and spontaneous academic development

Carolyn Hoessler, Lorraine Godden and Brian Hoessler


Social network perspectives reveal strength of academic developers as weak ties

Kelly Matthews, Andrea Crampton, Matthew Hill, Elizabeth Johnson, Manjula Sharma, and Cristina Varsavsky


Pedagogically aware academics’ conceptions of change agency in the fields of science and technology

Maria Clavert, Erika Löfström and Anne Nevgi


Knowing me, knowing you: UK and Japanese academic developer identities at two research-intensive institutions

Deesha Chadha and Hiroaki Sato


The chameleon on a tartan rug: adaptations of three academic developers’ professional identities

Barbara Kensington-Miller, Joanna Renc-Roe and Susan Morón-García


Reflections on practice

Triple nexus: improving STEM teaching through a research-public engagement-teaching nexus

Elizabeth Stevenson and Jan McArthur


Understanding the varying investments in researcher and teacher development and enhancement: implications for academic developers

Petia Petrova and Marios Hadjianastasis

Stellenangebot, Zentrum für Hochschuldidaktik der Universität Freiburg (20%)


Das Zentrum für Hochschuldidaktik der Universität Freiburg (Prof. Bernadette Charlier) sucht per 1. September 2015 eine/n Mitarbeiter/in (Stelle als Lektor/in 20%) für ein Jahr (verlängerbar).

Diese Person wird die Betreuung der Abschlussarbeiten in Hochschuldidaktik (Did@cTIC-Ausbildung) auf Deutsch übernehmen. Diese Aufgabe besteht hauptsächlich darin, die Arbeiten zu lesen und Rückmeldungen für die Teilnehmenden zu verfassen. Die Person wird auch an einem Forschungsprojekt des Zentrums für Hochschuldidaktik mitarbeiten. Er/Sie wird insbesondere Forschungsinterviews auf Deutsch (und eventuell auf Französisch) durchführen und deren Ergebnisse mit quantitativen und qualitativen Methoden analysieren.

Der/Die Kandidat/in besitzt einen Master oder ein Doktorat in Erziehungswissenschaften. Er/Sie kann perfekt Deutsch (mündlich und schriftlich) und gut Französisch. Er/Sie hat Erfahrung in der Forschung sowie in der Lehre, idealerweise auf  Hochschulstufe.

Schicken Sie Ihr Motivationsschreiben mit Lebenslauf bis am 25. Juni 2015 per E-Mail an

Weitere Informationen: Prof. Bernadette Charlier,, 026/300.75.50


Mise au concours

Le Centre de Didactique Universitaire de l’Université de Fribourg (Prof. Bernadette Charlier) recherche, à partir du 1er septembre 2015, un/e collaborateur/trice (poste de lecteur/trice à 20%) pour une durée d’une année renouvelable.

Cette personne sera chargée de l’accompagnement des travaux de fin d’étude en didactique universitaire (formation Did@cTIC) en langue allemande. Cette tâche consistera principalement en la lecture des travaux et en la rédaction de feedbacks à l’intention des participant-e-s. La personne participera également à un projet de recherche du Centre de Didactique Universitaire. Il/Elle aura essentiellement pour tâche de mener des entretiens de recherche en allemand (et éventuellement en français) et d’en analyser les résultats selon des méthodes quantitatives et qualitatives.

La personne choisie sera au bénéfice d’un master ou d’un doctorat en Sciences de l’Education. Elle aura une excellente maîtrise de la langue allemande (orale et écrite) et une bonne maîtrise du français. Elle aura une expérience de recherche et d’enseignement, de préférence au niveau de l’enseignement supérieur.

Les lettres de candidatures accompagnées d’un CV sont attendues pour le 25 juin 2015 au plus tard par courriel à

Informations complémentaires : Prof. Bernadette Charlier,, 026/300.75.50