The latest issue of IJAD is now online

The latest issue of IJAD is now online

The latest issue of ICED’s International Journal for Academic Development is now available online:

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Volume 20      Number 3      September 2015




Precarious but connected: the roles and identities of academic developers

Kathryn A. Sutherland



Blogging as community of practice: lessons for academic development?

Cally Guerin, Susan Carter and Claire Aitchison


Widening our evaluative lenses of formal, facilitated, and spontaneous academic development

Carolyn Hoessler, Lorraine Godden and Brian Hoessler


Social network perspectives reveal strength of academic developers as weak ties

Kelly Matthews, Andrea Crampton, Matthew Hill, Elizabeth Johnson, Manjula Sharma, and Cristina Varsavsky


Pedagogically aware academics’ conceptions of change agency in the fields of science and technology

Maria Clavert, Erika Löfström and Anne Nevgi


Knowing me, knowing you: UK and Japanese academic developer identities at two research-intensive institutions

Deesha Chadha and Hiroaki Sato


The chameleon on a tartan rug: adaptations of three academic developers’ professional identities

Barbara Kensington-Miller, Joanna Renc-Roe and Susan Morón-García


Reflections on practice

Triple nexus: improving STEM teaching through a research-public engagement-teaching nexus

Elizabeth Stevenson and Jan McArthur


Understanding the varying investments in researcher and teacher development and enhancement: implications for academic developers

Petia Petrova and Marios Hadjianastasis

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