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Designing Environments for Learning


During the last 2 years, the Educational Technologies Unit at the University of Basel conducted a study and subsequent project on Campus Development, exploring and discussing questions like: How do modern technologies drive change in learning, and how does the university campus accommodate that development? What kind of learning environment can facilitate the modern learners’ diverse needs, both in physical rooms and e-learning settings? In what respect might this campus development support the university’s strategic goals? And how should different stakeholders collaborate on the way towards the “campus of tomorrow”?

The project involved almost 100 internal and external experts and users. As a result, a working group on “Learning Spaces” (AG Lernräume) now connects the different players in the fields of campus infrastructure and services as well as didactics, in an ongoing process of conducting projects, evaluating and refining rooms and processes alike. Various pilot projects explore ways and methods e.g. of appropriate user participation, be it in workshops, through interviews or questionnaires, or in a permanent student group for early feedback on ideas and projects.

For further information on the study and project, please visit the weblog on, for information on pilot projects see

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SIG University Teaching Education

The SIG University teaching education aims to create a space where practitioners and researchers can share and reflect together practical concerns, so that together generate ways to face current and forthcoming challenges in this area. This SIG have also the mission to identify cross-institutional concerns and support the development of collaborative projects.

A virtual space was created to facilitate the exchange and reflection among the members (SWITCH toolbox platform).

If you have any question, comment or are interested in participate in the SIG activities please contact Vania Guerra (



Successful Kick off meeting of SIG University Teaching Education

Dear SFDN members,

The past friday 31st October was taking place the kick off meeting of our SIG University Teaching Education. 6 enthusiastic SFDN members worked together during 3 hours, where we shared our interests and through an interesting and intense discussion we built a common understanding of the goal of our SIG, how we will start working and some visions about what we are aiming at.

impressions from a nice and intensive work session… (Photos: Monica Feixas)

We want to thank Monica Feixas for her participation and the documentation of the event! That’s why we can not see her in the pics ;).

For more information about our meeting and our activities you can contact Vania Guerra ( or go to the SIG section were we will be posting soon the minutes and more information about our internal activities.