Invitation to Workshop for Faculty Developers (20 June): Writing case study vignettes for educator training

SFDN Members are invited to the following workshop which will take place in EPFL from 10h00 – 13h00 on 20 June 2019.

Writing case study vignettes for educator training

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The training of educators – whether they are school teachers, university professors or pedagogical developers – is intended to increase knowledge and skills but also to ensure that these knowledge and skills are used when the educators return to teach in their classroom.  This transfer from training to practice is extremely difficult to achieve, but techniques like role play, microteaching, and practice portfolios in educator training have all been found to have a positive impact.  One other technique that has been identified as particularly important in helping educators transfer from training to practice is the use of vignettes or short case studies.  This workshop will address the issues involved in writing vignettes for educator training purposes and how to integrate the use of vignettes into training workshops.

Joanne O’Flaherty is a teacher educator at the University of Limerick, where she runs the microteaching programme for initial teacher education students.  Her research work on initial teacher education, moral reasoning development and social and emotional learning has been published in leading journals such as Educational Research, Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, European Journal of Teacher Education, the British Journal of Educational Psychology, Cambridge Journal of Education, and Teaching and Teacher Education