SFDN Conference, 14 February 2017

Helping university students learn how to learn

CO Building, Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

14th February 2017, (9h – 16h30)

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Self-regulation of learning by students has been found to be strongly associated with academic attainment. This self-regulation can be aided by using assessment rubrics, formative assessment, encouraging students to “think out loud”, or by explicitly teaching students problem-solving and study skills strategies.

This one-day conference will host presentations from teachers, faculty developers and researchers, addressing a range of strategies currently being developed to help university students learn how to learn. Presentations will include:

  • examples of university-level study skills programmes using both on-site and on-line approaches,
  • strategies to develop students’ ability to think within their disciplines,
  • examples of teacher development workshops, courses and programmes aimed at student self-regulation.


Keynote Speaker

Kate Wall is Professor of Education in the University of Strathclyde in Scotland. Her work focuses on the development of innovative pedagogy and research methodologies that facilitate effective talking about learning. She is also interested in methodologies for supporting the development of innovative pedagogy in higher education.  Kate has published dozens of papers and chapters on visual research methods in education, assessing and developing student metacognition, and on supporting innovation through practitioner inquiry. Recent publications include (2016) “Teachers as metacognitive role models”, and (2013) “Raising the profile of innovative teaching in higher education? Reflections on the EquATE Project”.

Keynote abstract: Closing the Feedback Loop – the value of student participation in teaching and learning

This session will focus on the feedback loop, the communication of progression and objectives from teacher to students, and importantly, the communication by students of their self-assessment and metacognitive processes towards achieving those ends back to the teacher. I will ask, how we as teachers, can support students’ voice in such a way as to close this loop, how we can create democratic learning spaces that facilitate this type of conversation and introduce some tools and strategies that are supportive of the process. I will end by suggesting that with tighter feedback loops classroom dialogue can become mutually reinforcing of productive learning generating an increased likelihood of metacognitive awareness and insight.

Conference Location

img_7931_dxo-sized The conference will be held in the CO building (CO 194.34).
The conference venue can be found on the EPFL interactive map here.
Information on how to get to EPFL can be found here.

(EPFL photos by Alain Herzog)



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