Take our survey! (Go on, don’t be shy)

Take our survey! (Go on, don’t be shy)

Hello fellow Educational Developers!

Do you work with faculty-generated products such as teaching plans and materials, formal and informal written pieces such as blogs or articles, presentations or cultural/artistic products in your work?

Then we want to hear from you! Please take ten minutes to complete our survey about how you work with faculty-generated products in your work.

We (Dr. Katarina Mårtensson, Dr. Pia Scherrer and Karin Brown) would be very grateful for your participation!

Link to survey: https://tinyurl.com/EdDevSurvey 

The results of this survey will be discussed in a workshop at the upcoming ICED 2022 conference (if accepted) and may later be the subject of a publication. 

Your answers will be treated confidentially. Participants who provide contact information will receive a copy of the survey results and will be informed of subsequent presentations and/or publications. 

This survey will close on 31.01.2022. 

We would greatly appreciate your contribution! and of course, feel free to share, share share!

Karin Brown

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