SFDN Conference 14th February 2017: Registration Now Open

SFDN Conference 14th February 2017: Registration Now Open

SFDN 2017 Conference: “Helping University Students Learn How to Learn”

14th February 2017

Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne


Registration is now open! To register click here


Self-regulation of learning by students has been found to be strongly associated with academic attainment. This self-regulation can be aided by using assessment rubrics, formative assessment, encouraging students to “think out loud”, or by explicitly teaching students problem-solving and study skills strategies.  This one-day conference will host presentations from teachers, faculty developers and researchers, addressing a range of strategies currently being developed to help university students learn how to learn. Presentations will include: examples of university-level study skills programmes using both on-site and on-line approaches, strategies to develop students’ ability to think within their disciplines, and examples of teacher development workshops, courses and programmes aimed at student self-regulation.

Further details are available on the SFDN website: http://www.sfdn.ch/sfdn-conferences/



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