Research colloquium UZH & ETHZ

Research colloquium UZH & ETHZ

This spring, UZH and ETHZ offer a joint research colloquium on learning, teaching, and the professional development of instructors in higher education. 

When: Mondays during the spring semester, starting March 27th and ending May 22nd, 2023, from 16.15 to 17.45

Where: Talks are hybrid or purely online. In person location is the UZH main campus, KOL-G-209, Rämistrasse 71, 8006 Zürich. Online location is Zoom (Meeting ID: 697 3719 1796, Password: 434637)

More information: Individual talks will be advertised here over the course of the semester:

Presenters and topics:

– March 27, 2023 (hybrid, language English) Dr. Kimberly Tanner, San Francisco State University – Talk Matters: Investigating the nature of non-content classroom language – instructor talk – that may mediate student inclusion, engagement, and learning

– April 3, 2023 (online, language English) Dr. Katarina Mårtensson, Lund University – Significant networks, academic micro cultures, and collegiality as a basis for developing as an academic teacher

– May 8, 2023 (hybrid, language German) Kirstin Schmidt and Dr. Samuel Merk, PH Karlsruhe – Förderung von Active Retrieval mit parametrisierten Aufgaben: Misslingende Wissenschaftskommunikation als Anregungen für die Hochschuldidaktik

– May 15, 2023 (hybrid, language German) Melanie Walter, ETHZ Educational Development and Technology – May the Kraft be with you! Konzepterwerb im bilingual Physikunterricht

– May 22, 2023 (hybrid, language English) Sara Petchey, UZH Institute of Education – Conceptual change and analogies: How teaching tools can promote student-centered instruction

Please join us!

Iris Capdevila

General secretary of SFDN | Pedagogical advisor at the Teaching Support Center (CAPE), EPFL.

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