Make it Awkward – Registration Open

Make it Awkward – Registration Open

Registration is open for Make it Awkward, a workshop on practical strategies for reducing bias in our classrooms and communities, by Siara Isaac & Vivek Ramachandran.

Friday December 6th, 13h-16h30 @ EPFL

SFDN members can register free of charge. Register here, before December 2nd: register link

Among the goals of the workshop are to:

  • recognise classroom situations where implicit bias is likely to have an impact
    foster learning environments which are inclusive and respectful of all people
  • choose words that communicate that biased comments are not acceptable
  • employ non-verbal communication modes to build trust and diffuse tension

Siara is an academic developer and Vivek is a doctoral student in Robotics, both at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

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