GA Workshop: Pedagogical Advisor 4.0

GA Workshop: Pedagogical Advisor 4.0

The details for the workshop in the morning of the SFDN GA in EPFL on 27 April 2018 have been announced.  Please register here (To register):

GA Morning Workshop: Pedagogical Advisor 4.0

10h00 – 12h00

Facilitated by Ingrid LeDuc, Cécile Hardebolle and Roland Tormey

The fourth industrial revolution (i4.0) is changing the way in which people live, work and interact with each other and with technology.  The iPhone, for example, was launched only ten years ago but today mobile connectivity is the pervasive norm throughout much of the world, with an estimated 2.32 billion smartphone users worldwide.

How should the practice of pedagogical advisors change in response to this changing context?  How do we:

  • manage pedagogical training in a world where MOOCs and on-line tools allow new ways of linking training workshops to real-world teaching?
  • manage feedback to teachers (such as course evaluations) in a world of Learning Analytics?
  • support good pedagogical practice in a world of learning games?
  • support teachers to teach in a world where students are always connected to potentially distracting but information-rich electronic devices?

This workshop will explore the issues and opportunities for Pedagogical Advisors in a world of i4.0.

The GA will follow after lunch.  Further details are on the website here:

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