Conference Announcement -February 25-27, 2018, Ariel University, Israel.

Conference Announcement -February 25-27, 2018, Ariel University, Israel.

Conference Announcement and Call for Papers:

 A Virtual Higher Education Campus in a Global World?

The Role of the Academic Campus in an Era of Technological Progress

February 25-27, 2018, Ariel University, Israel.

This conference will focus on the challenges of academic teaching in an era of technological progress. The challenges of pedagogy and technology are an important topic in the debates of academic scholars on the role of the lecturer in an era of technological progress. Have lecturers become obsolete? Will the classroom become a studio setting in which lectures will be broadcast? What is the role of collaboration in creating a multi-campus virtual university, where the best lecturers teach and share their knowledge? What are the implications of the new options created through the mediation of lecturers’ teaching materials? What are the implications for teaching practice and the learning experience, and what are the social, ethical, moral, and financial implications and the implications for infrastructure and policy making?

The conference will include a special session on teaching engineering and technology subjects will focus on new teaching methods in these fields, theoretical and practical approaches to teaching in engineering and natural sciences, new schemes and techniques, and new teaching applications including computerized applications, online learning methods planning, control methods, electrical and electronics engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, robotics, and other areas of engineering, mathematics, physics etc. The session will also focus on new courses and curricula, teaching management in the field of engineering, natural sciences, student assessment, and other topics.

Lecturers and researchers from diverse disciplines and research institutions will present new studies on the changing face of teaching in higher education and its responses to contemporary challenges. Speakers at the conference will focus on the following topics:

§  Joint research and collaborative projects involving institutions of higher education

§  Disciplinary and inter-disciplinary ties between scholars and fields of knowledge

§  Policy making on ties among higher education institutions

§  Academia and the field

§  Academic ethics and integrity in a knowledge-flooded world

§  The lecturer’s role in the online digital world

§  Teaching engineering and natural sciences (special session)

Selected papers will be published in a book. A panel of independent referees will make the final decision on acceptance for publication.

The conference will take place on Sunday – Tuesday, February 25-27, 2018 (10-12 Adar, 5778), at Ariel University, Israel.



Final date for submission of abstracts: September 15th, 2017.

Abstracts (in English, Time Roman font 12) should be no more than 300 words, and include authors’ full names and affiliations.

Final date for submission of papers: November 1st, 2017.

Papers (in English, Time Roman font 12; APA reference style) should include:

  • Name, institute affiliation, mailing address, and email address for all authors
  • Paper title
  • Abstract
  • Keywords
  • Introduction
  • Body of paper
  • Tables, figures, etc. in their proper position in the paper (if applicable)
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Brief biography of each author (one paragraph, no more than 100 words)


Ariane Dumont has developped the Center for Teaching and Learning at Yverdon Western University of Applied Sciences, she is the Academic Director of the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Higher Education at the western Switzerland University of Applied Sciences HES-SO. She is serving as President of SFDN since 2017. She is a Council Member at ICED International COnsortium for Educational Development, as the representative of switzerland.

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