Another survey!

Another survey!

We are Dr. Katarina MÃ¥rtensson, from Lund University in Sweden and Dr. Pia Scherrer and Karin Brown, from ETH Zurich in Switzerland

We are seeking information from educational developers around the world. If you are involved in such work, could you please take 10 minutes to complete a brief survey.  

Link to survey:

We are interested in finding out how educational developers (also known as academic or faculty developers) work with products generated by faculty that make their approaches to teaching and learning and their impact on student learning at their institutions visible. Examples of such products include (but are not limited to) teaching plans and materials, formal and informal written pieces such as blogs or articles, presentations or cultural/artistic products. 

The results of this survey will be discussed in a workshop at the upcoming ICED 2022 conference (if accepted) and may later be the subject of a publication. 

Your answers will be treated confidentially. Participants who provide contact information will receive a copy of the survey results and will be informed of subsequent presentations and/or publications. 

This survey will close on 31.01.2022. 

We would greatly appreciate your contribution!

Karin Brown

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