3rd Meeting SIG Curriculum Development

3rd Meeting SIG Curriculum Development

On the third meeting of the SIG “Curriculum Development” (23/03/2015) the following topics were discussed

  • Concepts for curriculum development
  • Practices of curriculum development
  • Existing guidelines

Please refer to the SIG page for documentation: http://www.sfdn.ch/?p=760

The next meeting will take on 9th June 2015, 9am. Please fill in the Doodle till 2nd april 2015.

Please register here: http://doodle.com/kh7a2dqztpn45h8n



Dr. Roman Suter is an educational psychologist and academic developer in the Educational Development Unit at the University of Bern, Switzerland. He teaches courses for faculty about the research-teaching nexus and is involved in curriculum development. He facilitates the local SoTL initiative called FEDERALL (Faculty and Educational Development Research Alliance) at the University of Bern and believes in the potential of evidence-oriented teaching and learning as a great opportunity for educational development.

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