References on Zoom Fatigue

As a follow-up to Dr. Judith Boettcher’s workshop, please see below some resources on Zoom fatigue.

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Access Details for the GA & Workshop – June 17, 2020

The GA will take place from 14h00 – 15h30 followed by a virtual coffee break.  Please use this information to access the session: Meeting ID: 961 9161 8662 One tap mobile +41432107042,,96191618662# Switzerland +41432107108,,96191618662# Switzerland

From 16h00 – 17h30, we will then have the workshop with Dr. Judith Boettcher: Designing Great Courses – No Matter Where You Are.  Attached you will find a document from our presenter which you might wish to read prior to the workshop.  Please use this second Zoom link for the workshop:
Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 986 1989 0236 One tap mobile +41432107108,,98619890236# Switzerland +41225910005,,98619890236# Switzerland

Dr. Judith Boettcher – Guest Workshop for GA – June 17, 2020

Click here to register for the workshop and for the General Assembly.

Designing Great Courses – No Matter Where You Are

Join Dr. Judith Boettcher for strategies and tips in planning courses this fall, whether you or your faculty will be teaching on campus, online or some combination.  Learn how you or your faculty can simplify planning a course using a template for four phases of any course: Course Beginnings, Early Middle, Late middle and Wrapping-up.  Faculty can build on the themes, happenings, principles and best practices of each phase to design a successful and creative course experience.  After materials, interactions and assessments are planned, then faculty can relax, mentor, and enjoy the relationships and learning with students.

Evaluation: Job offer University of Bern

Wiss.Mitarbeiter/in im Bereich Lehrveranstaltungsevaluation (70-100%)

Wir suchen bei der Supportstelle für ICT-gestützte Lehre und Forschung (iLUB), eine fachverantwortliche Person für Weiterentwicklung, Kommunikation, Beratung, Prozessmanagement und Support der universitären Lehrveranstaltungsevaluation in Abstimmung mit den Fakultäten und Zusammenarbeit mit der Hochschuldidaktik und Lehrentwicklung.
Der Anstellungsgrad für diese Aufgaben beträgt 70%. Die Anstellung kann ergänzt werden mit der Übernahme der Beratungs- und Supportleistungen unseres Scanprüfungs-Services (bis zusätzliche 30%).

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Resources for Online Learning

Our General Secretary, Rachel Plews, has provided a short 30 minute video (based off of her 2018 webinar) for members to help them with the mass transition to online learning due to COVID-19. The original presentation slides and workshop handout on online ice-breakers are also available.

The video and files are available on SwitchTube.

The video is also available on Rachel’s YouTube channel.

Finally, if you cannot access Switch or YouTube, the video and files are also available on Google Drive. Feel free to contact Rachel if you have any questions or if you have any resources you would like to share with our members.