Reflections on Fall 2020

Many thanks to Ariane for leading today’s discussion on our shared reflections on Fall 2020. In response the the Wooclap question: Real change often takes place in a bug crisis, how have you experienced that change? we identified and discussed the following:

Several resources were shared which you may find useful:

The wonderful Pédagoscope (Podcast in French)

Stanford University’s Teaching Commons

A handbook on interactions (French)

A handbook on interactions (German)

Two SFDN webinars in December!

If you haven’t already registered for the next SFDN webinar, it’s still not too late! Thursday 03 December 2020 12h15 – 13h00 Webinar: Lessons Learned During Fall 2020 – Open Exchange. Led by Ariane Dumont. To register: click here

Following the success of our Digital Tools Webinar, we will host a second webinar on Friday 11 December 2020 12h15 – 13h00 Webinar: More Interactive Digital Tools. To register: click here

Last opportunity: submissions until 29 November for online SFDN Conference 2021

Update: Deadline for submission 29 November

Due to the current public health situation, the SFDN Conference at the University of St Gallen will move to a fully online format (conference fees will be reduced accordingly).

The planned date of 19th February, 2021 remains unchanged.

However, the deadline for submissions has been extended to 29 November.

For more details, please refer to the conference website:

We are looking forward to your submissions!

Robert Kordts-Freudinger & the organizing team at St.Gallen

Two up-coming SFDN events!

30 September 2020 12h15 – 13h00   Panel Discussion: Fall 2020 Educational Development Updates Panelists: Siara Isaac, Erik Jentges, Ruth Puhr. Moderator: Marika Fenley. To register: click here

Aware that many faculty are concerned about student engagement, we are offering an EXTRA webinar to explore some of the vast array of digital tools available to educators:

01 October 2020 12h15 – 13h00  Three interactive digital tools to enhance student engagement:   1. Perusall with Ariane Dumont, 2. Padlet with Robert Kordts-Freudinger & 3. Wooclap with Ruth Puhr. To register: click here

EXTRA SFDN Webinar on HyFlex Delivery

10 September 2020 12.15 – 13.00 Webinar: The highs and lows of HyFlex Led by Ruth Puhr

HyFlex is the buzzword in higher education this summer! Are you helping your faculty prepare to deliver courses to students in multiple modes? The possibility of having some face-to-face students, others who join virtually and a third group who will catch up later is daunting. The challenges of teaching in higher education have never been greater.

Students returned to the Les Roches campuses in Switzerland and Spain at the end of July and I have been working with faculty since mid-July, preparing them for HyFlex delivery and supporting them in their classes. In this webinar, I will share some of the highs and lows that we have experienced.

To register: click here

SFDN Conference 2021: Call for Participation!

Dear SFDN colleagues

We are very happy to announce the upcoming SFDN conference on 19th February, 2021 at the University of St.Gallen. We want to get into discussions with you (and non SFDN members) on the impact of crises (such as the current one) on experimentation and innovation in higher-education teaching and learning. In order to do so, we are planning the conference face-to-face (with precautions and a contingency plan) with both traditional paper presentations and interactive DisqSpace. We are looking forward to trying out this format with you in St.Gallen!

The conference platform is open now and waiting for your and your colleagues’ proposals. You can submit your proposal from now until 31st October, 2020. 

Please find all information on the conference website, including the link to the conference platform, contact and “practical” information. The conference website is currently under construction, so please visit it from time to time for additional information. 

For all questions regarding the conference, SFDN will offer a webinar with a Q&A session in early September 2020 (see SFDN Programme 2020-2021) . Stay tuned!

Best wishes,

Robert Kordts-Freudinger and the organizing team at the University of St.Gallen