3 interesting Events at PH Zürich

3 interesting Events at PH Zürich

Dear colleagues,

We are happy to invite you to the following events organized by our  ZHE team (all in German).

Half day conference on personalizing learning on April 25th, 13:30-17:30 with a keynote by Prof. Dr. Dieter Euler. Students and teachers explore chances and limits of personalization in higher education.

Book Vernissage Weiterbildung gestalten -Über Kurse und Lehrgänge hinaus on March 13 at 18:15. Editors are Tobias Zimmermann, Geri Thomann und Denise Da Rin. At the Vernissage there will be an interesting discussion among the following experts: Kathrin Kraus, Irena Sgier and Philipp Wampfler.

Before the vernissage from 15-16 Thilo Hart, a faculty development colleague from FH Münster will present a most innovative approach practiced at the Wandelwerk. They focus on creating communicative opportunities for teachers. If you are interested get in touch with Tobias.zimmermann@phzh.ch

We look forward to seeing you in one of these events.


Franziska and Mònica




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