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SFDN Programme 2017-18 Save the Dates

As promised during the GA, here is the SFDN programme starting next fall

Details will follow in due course. Please save the dates!


October 10th 2017 – 11am-12am : Webinar

  • GoAnimate: brief introduction to using animated videos in the classroom (from both faculty and student perspectives)

November 16th  :  10am – 4pm ETHZ (Zurich) site visit

January 19th 2018 –11am-12am Webinar

  • The Flipped Classroom: brief introduction to using tools for asynchronous activities

February 16th 2017 :  SFDN Mini-conference at Luzern University

March 16th 2018: HEP (Lausanne) site visit

April 27th 2018: General Assembly in Lausanne at EPFL

SIG ICED 2020: please contact Benno Volk if you are interested to enrol!


Very much looking forward to your participation in the SFDN events!

SFDN Board



ICED Award 2017

The Spirit of ICED Award. Nominations are invited for the award of The Spirit of ICED.

Please write to before June 26th 2017


  • The purpose of the award is to recognise and celebrate individuals or groups who have made an outstanding contribution to advancing the aims of ICED, which are:
  • To help member associations to develop their capacity for educational development in higher education through the sharing of good practice, problems and solutions.
  • To increase the number of partner organisations of ICED.
  • To help educational developers in countries where no national network exists to form such a network.
  • To support educational development in higher education in developing countries.
  • To link with other national and international organisations

2          In 2004, an ICED working group outlined the criteria for nominees as individuals or groups who, over a period of time, have demonstrated outstanding leadership in educational development.

They will have:

  • Perceived opportunities for expanding the boundaries of educational development and acted to bring visions to reality.
  • Used evidence to bravely challenge and improve existing educational development practice.
  • Actively disseminated educational development practice and/or theory across boundaries.
  • Provided a role model to educational developers.

3          Nominees should normally be or have been actively engaged with their national network.

4          Proposals (in no more than 500 words) should give evidence of how the nominee has excelled in meeting the aims of ICED.

5          The proposals will be considered at the ICED Council Meeting in Shanghai, 6th – 7th July 2017.